We at Agency 4 Academy are approaching each event as a unique story with our client's story line. We started with professional and academic events, conferences, international symposiums, and worked to balls, business breakfasts and teambuildings. Cultural and social events are the best way to build high-quality networking, to highlight a brand, while providing business partners with a satisfactory feeling for years of collaboration. You can rely on us in every aspect from organizational counseling to budgeting, helping with fundraising, picking and securing partners & sponsors, gifts, distributing tickets or sending invitations.


The scope and content of events and their organization at a high level requires very professional approach and a 100% preparation. Company employees are therefore in addition to their experience equipped also with diplomatic protocol and social etiquette courses, anti-stress management and excellent communication skills. Added value is the collaboration with Marketing Department and external providers disposing with the newest technology.


We always do our best to fit the venues to your needs. A4A has experience with the organization of international conferences in the National Council of the Slovak Republic, including its historical building, Comenius University Aula, balls and social events in various three- or four-star hotels, Slovak National Gallery in Zvolen Castle, Bratislava Monastery Brewery or the organization of festive dinners in BanskĂĄ Bystrica Town Hall. Offices in Nitra and Bratislava allow us to cover the region of western and central Slovakia.


Our biggest projects include the first model assembly of the United Nations bodies at the university level in Slovakia (SlovakMUN) under the auspices of the President of the Slovak Republic, the first meeting of NATO expert groups in Slovakia, two years of the largest legal conference in Slovakia - the Bratislava Legal Forum, four years of the Ball of Lawyers, organization of so-called "Moot courts" including the regional finale of the European Law Moot Court Competition. The company founders also organized annual conferences of the respective Operational Programs of the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family. Our work was also appreciated by representatives of the Slovak Environmental Agency, for which we organized the International Conference of Contaminated Sites 2018.





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